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Agricultural property with hunting rights

Annonsid 139546 2019-03-17

Agricultural property with hunting rights
Agricultural property with hunting rights Agricultural property sold There is everything for the whole family. If the ad is gone then it is sold Or located on Hemnet, m.m But then there will be bidding. Jakrätt. in the city team large fields to hunt for may bring your own dog if you want. A smaller agricultural property 5.2 hectares of good arable land Large garden with apples. Cherries, black and red currants. Strawberry Country. Potato. 5.2 hectares of sown forest 2013. we moved here in July 2011 Affected sold by the previous owner in 2011 Stall 1 large box can be made for more. A beautiful gazebo overlooking the village and nature. Only one neighbor next to her has 3 horses. Then a neighbor further into the road that yard you do not see. No through traffic just the neighbor further in. Our land goes down to the lake The 1 bedroom downstairs large country kitchen. a smaller room where there is sink 1 small water heater under the sink long bench then one to room where there is dishwasher fridge and freezer. high in ceiling no sloping roofs. Then it's a hall toilet with 1 window with sink basin a water heater.room next to washing machine shower cubicle 3 cabinets upstairs a hall with balcony nice view. 1 bedroom. family room 1 bedroom Waterborne heat. With a nice cooker that warms the whole house. It is glycol in the system so it can never freeze. Water from the village water association Well controlled water costs 2500 once a year Bet 18/3 2019 to the end of March 2020 Sweeping 3 times a year. the sweeper has been here 20/3 2019 Sleep sludge once a year emptied 29 Nov 2018 Inexpensive to stay in a warm house garbage every two weeks. large nice barn painted changed window 2018 tin Roof and a fine repository painted 2018 The house painted 2018 Platak carpentry machines m.m Little mouse objects. Leif is talking. Swedish, Danish �German English. 072-2263468-Leif Images don't say everything but see this wonderful place It is the best. 1.5 million in sec Britt only Swedish. Please call if you want to come and look. 072-2403003 Britt
Boyta150 m2
Areal105 ha
AdressNorrlångträsk 231
RegionNorra Sverige
Pris1 500 000 kr
Annonsör Britt Selberg 
Postadress Kåge 
Mobil 072 2403003 

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